Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Shopping: Advent Calendars

Not long until the count down begins, (I guess you could call this a count down to the count down, but that would be annoying).

Before we got old enough to realise that there was such a thing as chocolate filled Advent calendars my sisters and I would share a cardboard, illustrated one, take it turns, with lots of arguing, to open a window and be various shades of delighted/ disappointed depending on what we revealed.
Animals and pretty trees were a crowd pleaser, three wise men, meh.

We later graduated to the chocolate filled ones, perhaps Mum got sick of the squabbles every morning for a month, but there's something about a gorgeous, illustrated Advent calendar that will always signal the kick off of pre-Xmas excitement for me.

Here's my fave London based finds, ranging from simple and stylish to just plain outrageous.
(Christmas in London is the best, it does show off ever so well in December!)

1. Fortnum & Mason Wooden Advent Calendar

This appeals to my doll's house loving side, my wooden things loving side and my chocolate loving side. That's all my sides. All of them.
It really could be Christmas every day with one of these. There's the option to buy empty or pre-filled with Fortnum's confectionary...how do you even make a choice like that?

2. Buckingham Palace Advent Calendar

Now, my sisters and I would have fought like cat and dog, specifically Corgi, to open the little windows on this one.
No chocolates, no treats, just charming illustrations and the Queen. One is delighted. I'm sure her Royal Madge has this very calendar stuck on her fridge.

3. The Liberty Advent Calendar 2016

I probably shouldn't even bother showing you this one.
It's beautiful. It's stunning. It's become a beauty cult, classic. And it's totally and utterly, hopelessly sold out.
You can of course get your grubby mitts on one over on eBay. Last I checked they were changing hands for nearly £300. (Might I suggest you put that £300 towards a lovely doll's house instead and just slum it with her Majesty's calendar back there at number 2?!)

4. Harrods Envelope Advent Calendar

Well, here we have a pack of Kraft envelopes on string, a very simple, affordable idea and one that struck me as very non-Harrods, which is probably why I liked it so much.
I particularly love that you can get so many mini things stuffed into those envelopes !

Sunday, 27 November 2016

DIY: Faux Snow Globe

Ti's the season, very nearly, so I've been chucking sparkles and sprinkles about in a bid to whip up some festive cheer with a DIY Snow globe.

Now, strictly speaking, it's not a snow globe as there's no water in it, hence the faux, but it's a cute little addition to the decoration collection.

It was super quick and easy,  if you have a crack at your own don't forget to show off with #yourlittlewalls .

What I used:
- Glass orb (mine was from Tiger Store)
- Mini Bottle brush trees (or whatever you want to encapsulate in your dinky glass bubble!)
- Sequins
- Snow Sprinkles
- Craft Glue

What I did: 

  • I covered the inside of the base with craft glue and filled in with snow sprinkles.
    (In hindsight it would have been nice to have added some extra height for a bit more visibility so if you have small pieces of balsa wood or something to fix in first that could be good!)

  • Fix the trees in place and leave to dry. 
  • Fill the globe with sequins/ glitter/ sparkles of your choosing.

  • Carefully glue around the ridge of the globe (not too much in case it drips into the globe and leaves you with streaky glass.) and fix the base in place.

  • Stand back, admire, enjoy a mince pie or two. 

Supplies: Glass globe: Tiger Stores, Mini Trees: fourlittlewalls.com, Sequins and Christmas Tree: Paperchase

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dumbo: 75th Anniversary

October 23rd marks 75 years since Walt Disney's Dumbo premiered.

Can you even imagine a world with out this little elephant?!

As a child I actually found the movie to be quite traumatising, being separated from his Mum, that scene, you know the one, when Mrs Jumbo has been locked up and she's rocking him through the bars of her elephant jail? Oh. My. God. 
Even just typing it is a bit much for a Sunday afternoon. 

As an adult the trauma has evolved into something more resembling guilt/sadness as it's only when you grow up you realise that actually circus animals all had miserable and very un-Disney lives.
If you can get past that, then Dumbo can still be cherished and enjoyed as little time capsule, and ode to his classic, Disney era. 75 years is a long time after all!

We did see a travelling circus once when we were very little.
Fuelled largely by our deep love for Dumbo, the excitement levels of we three little girls, were, I imagine, ear-piercingly high. 
They had elephants, a bear (the bear was the saddest creature even then), and the act I can look back on without conflicted feelings is the Parrot and Yorkshire terrier duo.
The Yorkie pulled a tiny Roman chariot, the Parrot rode it squawking it's bossy little orders at his noble steed. 
They'd be a big hit on Britain's Got Talent don't you think?!

Rightly so,  those animal circuses are not allowed in the UK now but, aged 5, getting to see 3 elephants in the circus was everything we'd ever dreamt it would be and more;  the clearest memory I hold of that day is that one of the elephant's was named Brigid, my little sisters name, and Brigid the elephant decided to have the BIGGEST wee in the middle of the act, which of course we were delighted by. 
Kids are disgusting.

Anyway, complicated feelings aside, a huge Happy Birthday to the world's favourite, tiny misfit Elephant!
We love you Dumbo and all the little circus elephant's you stand for!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

New Arrivals: Framed Prints

Not long now until our birthday celebrations begin!

In the mean time, I've just listed some mini's over on the shop, including these contemporary framed prints, produced by and exclusive to Four Little Walls.com. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Plant Power : New Arrivals

All hail the power of the plant!

It had been a while since I made anything for FLW from Fimo and OMG. These little beauts were addictive!

We're due to be out and about with a stand at Dolly's Day Dreams in Ashford in the 26th June so provisionally the little plants will be exclusively for the fair. (If you're in the area come and say hello!)

Providing the sculpting has not destroyed my eyeballs, hands and posture by then, I'll be working on another batch for the shop!

Plants aside, how fab does the multi shelf look styled with those wooden crates?!
Who knew they fit so perfectly!

Shelves and non-plant accessories available now at fourlittlewalls.com.


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dollhouse Therapy Project: Update

Well, it's fair to say I've been slacking on this one slightly but I'm pretty happy with how the build is coming along!

For those of you just tuning in, #dollhousetherapy was launched in March by a group of very cool home and lifestyle bloggers keen to spread the gospel of good looking doll's houses to the masses.

The last Tuesday of each month sees those taking part reveal the rooms they have been diligently working on over the past 4 weeks.

Ever one to make life complicated for myself I decided that no, I would not renovate one of the 5 dilapidated doll's house currently gathering dust in the studio, instead I would build an apartment from scratch inside a retro TV surround. As you do.

The hardest part has been committing to floor plan (hence why there's not been much to see so far!), I finally settled on a sunken lounge area with elevated walkway and floating mezzanine level.
Stairs are to be decided, still torn between a spiral or floating staircase.
I need to stare at it some more. (It's a process OK!)

I played around with veneers and carpets but decided actually I love the wood grain and foil lining from its previous life as a TV so will leave it intact. The interior walls have had a base coat of white, I went with the old faithful exposed brick paper along the back panel.
Keeping it neutral for as long as possible before having to decide on an era/ style for the interiors.

At the moment it's set to be MadMen meets Shoreditch hipster with just a dash of bling.

To see more from the #dollhousetherapy challenge click here 
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