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Gingerbread House Day : Etsy Finds

Did you know that today, 12th December, is Gingerbread House Day?!

Why is this not more widely celebrated? Personally I feel an extra bank holiday is in order since the building of a Gingerbread house is not exactly a 5 minute job is it?!

The chances of us whipping together a real life Gingerbread masterpiece today are slim to none, thankfully there are many miniature offerings for us to marvel at in the mean time!

Here are some of my fave miniature finds celebrating all things Gingerbread from some great Etsy sellers. (Links below)

We've got a couple of little cuties over in the shop too should anybody need to stock up with some Seasonal essentials!

1. Gingerbread Bakery Sign, Petite Provisions,  2. Gingerbread Star House, Country Treasures
3. Christmas Pin Set, DzyDzydesign 4. Iced Gingerbread Prep Board, Miniaturesandcraft

New Arrivals : Maileg

You may already know but Four Little Walls is now an approved stockist for Maileg toys!

I was SO excited to be able to introduce the range to our customers when we re-launched at the end of the Summer and am pretty much in love with each and every item.
Charming, Scandi design meets story book whimsy, and, conveniently, many of the pieces work perfectly with a doll's house.
Suitable for ages 3+ (and some items even younger) so the little loves in your life will be able to play to their hearts content.

Matchbox Mice, Happy Camper tent and sleeping bags all available now at

We hope to expand our Maileg offering during 2018 but for now, if you've not already checked out the collection head on over!

Matchbox Mice - sold individually

DIY: Bunny Top Sweet Jar

I can really not get enough of cute, animal toppers. 
On cakes, jam-jars, you name it, whack those little guys on!

Here's a super easy bunny top jar tutorial if you're looking for something to keep you busy this weekend. 
The eagle eyed among you may remember it from Easter a few years back but I thought they'd make great little Christmas gifts for those on a budget (raises hand!) so re-visiting with some added, Seasonal sparkle!

Here my critter of choice was a bunny but I'd love to do some more festive ones with little deers and bears. 

What I used:
Mini bunny
Empty and washed jar with lid
Spray paint ( I used a matte, off white)
Super glue/ glue gun

What I did:

Make sure your jar and lid are totally clean and dry, left over stir fry sauce will ruin the look!
Put the cleaned jar to one side.

Glue the bunny into the middle of the lid, clean any ooze at the base away quickly as it will show up (learned the hard way!) when you paint it later.
Leave to dry completely before painting.

Find a well ventilated area, preferably outside, and spray the entire lid and bunny all over, thin and even is best, allow to dry then give another coat if required.

Wear gloves! Spray paint does NOT wash off easy...

(Leave outside for as long as possible as the paint fumes will still be pretty stinky. )

Adorn you jar with it's crowning glory and fill with something sweet.

House Tour: The Exmouth

If you've been following along with FLW for a little while you'll already have heard me raving about The Exmouth and regularly snapping away in Instagram.

It's a flat pack kit from our fab wholesaler and is pretty recognisable among doll's house retailers all over.
When I first decided to start stocking wholesale houses along side our bespoke, adult collector pieces I was a little dubious, I didn't want houses that were going to look and feel flimsy.

Turns out, there was no need to have worried.
I've tried and tested this baby for the last 4 years and she's still going strong, and, as it turns out is pretty popular with you guys too,  she's turned out to be the best seller in all her unpainted glory!! (She also comes in a Pink or Cream finish.)
The house is an excellent first doll's house, no fiddly assembly, just screwing together the main walls and roof. (A second pair of hands would be good for that bit!). The front door panels are all ready put together, just makes painting a bit fiddly in places if you go for the un-finished version. AND she's actually, technically, a 1:16 scale, rather than the standard 1:12, making them ideal homes for any Sylvanian families/ Calico critters in your life thought to be honest you don't notice. All the furniture displayed here is 1:12.

So, I thought it was about time to show The Exmouth a little love and take a closer look around our display house and resident fave. Come on in!

We went for the un-painted kit for display so we could stamp FLW signature style all over it.
Blush Pink and Soft Grey have been our signature colours (since the very beginnings of FLW in a freezing cold bedsit in Brighton. I decided to start a little blog to keep myself busy between job applications, the colours are about the only thing that have survived various re-stylings over the years!) so they were the obvious choice.
I chose to leave the roof unpainted as liked the detailing. 

The blank canvas of this house was exciting to work with. LOVE the bay windows and balcony.
It's open plan, with circular door ways, no internal doors. At first I was a bit put out at no internal doors but if a house is used for the play they're the usually the first things to break so it's a plus if the house is destined to be used as a toy rather than a collectors house.
I left the venner floor covering as is as is it's hardwearing and worked well for the style I wanted. 

See what I mean about those bay window details? A fan of anything that gives me extra space for mini decorating!

All dressed up for Christmas! I've recently re-styled the display house with the larger side as a living room / pink forest!
Usually it's been set as the kitchen which is great as it's pretty generous proportions and you can fit a lot in there.
Not sure which I prefer for the Christmas market next weekend, may have to flip a coin!

I mentioned already how much I love this balcony?!
I've had a set of battery powered fairy lights wrapped around the front of the house for about 3 years, would look strange without now!

Cosy up in the bedroom. Gold dot paper, stag print and accessories available in our shop

Sigh. She's pretty cute hey?

Have a doll's house you adore and would love to share?

Email Kat with "House Tour" in the subject line, we'd LOVE to take a peek!

Shopping Event: Christmas Market

It was touch and go for a minute there but Four Little Walls shall be having a Christmas adventure after all this year!

We're thrilled to have a stall on the 16th and 17th at The Alexander Centre Christmas Market.

There'll be gifts, there'll be mince pies, there'll be festive joy AND there'll be Father Christmas, in his Grotto, meeting and greeting children.

Sounds pretty good doesn't it?!

We'll be taking our full range of Maileg toys along with some special Seasonal doll's house miniatures and of course our spruced up Exmouth House.

Come along and say hello if you're passing, we'd love to see you!

Xmas Delivery Dates

 Last pre-Xmas delivery dates as follows for orders from Four Little Walls. com

Images: Photo by Andrew Areoff on Unsplash Photo by Caley Dimmock on Unsplash