Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dumbo: 75th Anniversary

October 23rd marks 75 years since Walt Disney's Dumbo premiered.

Can you even imagine a world with out this little elephant?!

As a child I actually found the movie to be quite traumatising, being separated from his Mum, that scene, you know the one, when Mrs Jumbo has been locked up and she's rocking him through the bars of her elephant jail? Oh. My. God. 
Even just typing it is a bit much for a Sunday afternoon. 

As an adult the trauma has evolved into something more resembling guilt/sadness as it's only when you grow up you realise that actually circus animals all had miserable and very un-Disney lives.
If you can get past that, then Dumbo can still be cherished and enjoyed as little time capsule, and ode to his classic, Disney era. 75 years is a long time after all!

We did see a travelling circus once when we were very little.
Fuelled largely by our deep love for Dumbo, the excitement levels of we three little girls, were, I imagine, ear-piercingly high. 
They had elephants, a bear (the bear was the saddest creature even then), and the act I can look back on without conflicted feelings is the Parrot and Yorkshire terrier duo.
The Yorkie pulled a tiny Roman chariot, the Parrot rode it squawking it's bossy little orders at his noble steed. 
They'd be a big hit on Britain's Got Talent don't you think?!

Rightly so,  those animal circuses are not allowed in the UK now but, aged 5, getting to see 3 elephants in the circus was everything we'd ever dreamt it would be and more;  the clearest memory I hold of that day is that one of the elephant's was named Brigid, my little sisters name, and Brigid the elephant decided to have the BIGGEST wee in the middle of the act, which of course we were delighted by. 
Kids are disgusting.

Anyway, complicated feelings aside, a huge Happy Birthday to the world's favourite, tiny misfit Elephant!
We love you Dumbo and all the little circus elephant's you stand for!

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