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Editorial work

Editorial work by Four little walls / Kat Picot

Doll's house and miniature scene magazine, Column, April Issue, 2013

The Doll's house magazine, Issue 176, January 2013

The Doll's house magazine, Issue 175, December 2012

The Doll's House magazine, Issue 174, November 2012

The Dolls House magazine, Issue 173, October 2012

The Dolls House magazine, Issue 172, September 2012 

Pretty Nostalgic magazine, Issue 2,  July/August 2012

The Dolls House magazine, Issue 171, August 2012

The Dolls House Magazine, Issue 170,  July 2012

The Dolls house magazine,Issue 169, June 2012

Dolls House and Miniature Scene, May Issue, 2012


  1. Oh my!! I happened to see today the article about you in the latest number of The Dolls House Magazine and promised myself to look up your site
    when back home. What a fantastic treat for us fellow Dolls House weirdos! This is just for me,
    as I indeed do not want any dolls into my house.
    I really enjoy to see all the projects you've done so far and will deffenetly keep reading your blog during the coming weeks. Thank you!
    (And sorry for any miss spelling).

    Anna K.
    Helsinki, Finland

  2. Hi Anna,

    Aww, thanks for your lovely comment! How exciting that Four Little Walls has reached Helsinki!!!
    Glad you're enjoying the blog, it's been great fun to write so far!

    All the best